The Ultimate Adventure Bucket List For Grandmas And Grandchildren

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Life is so short and so precious. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find a way to slow down time, so all I can do is soak up as much of it with my grandkids as I have left.

Not only do I want to have fun, meaningful times with them now, but I want to create memories that will last forever. Maybe even ones that they’ll then pass down to their own grandkids!

All of that is why I created The Adventure Bucket List For Grandmas And Grandchildren.

It’s a printable checklist of 50 unique ideas so that you’ll always have something fun to plan and do. Maybe you can even set aside a Grandma-Grandchild Day once a week or once a month? I know that’s easier for some than others!

Anyway, you can get it here for printing or just use it on your phone/computer:

Download the full PDF right here. 👈

💥 Tip: to save on ink, only print pages 2-7!

💥 Tip 2: any time you see a word underlined, you can click on it to get more information and ideas about that item.

I hope it sparks plenty of ideas and memories for you and your grandkids. Enjoy!

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