5 Things Kids Love To Do With Their Grandparents

Time spent with the grandchildren is always time well spent. However, if you’re trying to think of something new to do together or just something additional to hold their attention for a bit, we have five activities kids love to do with grandparents in the video below!

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Go on scavenger hunts

Kids love nothing more than a good treasure hunt. So turn an ordinary walk into an adventure! And this is a good way to keep them active and healthy!

Look at baby books

You may not realize it, but grandkids love to look back on memories of their parents and grandparents and see what they used to look like when they were young. So grab your baby book and their parents’ baby books and take up a nice comfy spot on the couch together and take a trip back to memory lane!

Bake and eat cookies

Who doesn’t love cookies? But also, kids love to feel involved in adult activities, and this is a pretty easy way to include them on such a thing. And this teaches them how to follow instructions, plan, and develop patience.

Go to the library

It’s always good to encourage reading, and trips to the local library can quickly become a ritual they will love! Also, check and see if your local library has scheduled story hours or other events the grandchildren can partake in.

Go through your jewelry box

Your jewelry box is almost a mini-history of your life and a time capsule-in-progress. The items inside may have interesting stories attached to them, and there may even be something buried at the bottom that you forgot all about. And kids love looking through things!

There’s nothing better to a young kid than learning something fun and new from their grandma, and it helps cement you further as the cool one! So try participating in these activities the next time you’re together. 🙂

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