The 4 Roles Grandparents Best Fill In Families

We don’t need anyone to tell us how important grandparents are in the structure of families. But it’s nice to know where we fit in in the minds of others!

People were asked about their memories of their grandparents, and four things stood out amongst the rest. According to hundreds of adults surveyed, grandparents best fill the roles of these four things:

Setting a strong example

Grandparents should be the models of integrity first and foremost. Strive to be the one the others look up to as a role model, and consistently try to be the one who practices what they preach.

Establishing traditions

We are the keepers of the family’s history. And apparently, it’s a comforting thing to know that we have the traditions taken care of! Our children and grandchildren will eventually take these over, so it makes sense for us to prioritize truly important traditions.

Leaving behind an inheritance

This isn’t about money, although it can be. This is about material things, wisdom, lessons learned, and so much more! These are the things that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Initiating celebrations

And finally, as a grandparent, initiate celebrations. You are the head honcho, so make sure the extended family has plenty of opportunities to get together. Take pride in being the planner, and they will thank you for it!

There we have it, the four roles of grandparents! Not totally surprising but interesting to know others’ opinions on the matter. Now get busy planning that next big family reunion and setting a great example for the young ones in your life! 😀

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