21 Things People Say About Grandmas That Just Need To Stop

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With the wave of the silver-haired revolution, grandmas are redefining themselves and challenging old, tired stereotypes. They’re rising above the cookie cutter image that society has placed them in. Because, let’s be real, today’s grandmas are so much more than just perpetual cookie bakers and knitwear producers (not that there’s anything wrong with cookies or knitwear!).

So, let’s have some fun and debunk some of these wildly inaccurate stereotypes that don’t even come close to capturing the essence of the modern grandma.

1. Grandmas Are All About Knitting

Here’s a stereotype that’s been knitting itself into our collective consciousness for far too long. Knitting can be a relaxing pastime, but it doesn’t define every grandma. In my circle of friends alone, we have a scuba diver, an amateur photographer, and a gourmet chef. Grandmas are more than capable of having diverse hobbies that transcend the stereotypical pastimes.

2. Grandma, the Perpetual Babysitter

Hey, we love our grandkids, no question about it. But grandma duties extend beyond the realms of babysitting. In fact, many of us are still making waves in our respective professional fields, or exploring new horizons post-retirement. Some grandmas are entrepreneurs, while others are globe-trotting adventurers. Our love for our grandchildren doesn’t diminish our individual pursuits.

3. Grandmas Can’t Grasp Technology

This stereotype is as outdated as a rotary dial phone. Did you know that a group of grandmas in my town run one of the most successful online book clubs? Or that my friend Martha recently set up an Etsy shop for her handmade jewelry? The digital age hasn’t left us behind. We text, we tweet, and we are no strangers to setting up Wi-Fi networks at home.

4. Grandmas Always Spoil Their Grandchildren

Grandmas often have a reputation for being soft touches. While it’s true we love to spoil our grandkids a bit, that doesn’t mean we lack the wisdom to know when to say “no.” Being a grandma also involves instilling the right values in our grandchildren, teaching them respect, and setting boundaries. We can be the “fun” grandmas without turning our grandkids into spoilt brats.

5. Grandma is Old-Fashioned

Just because we cherish our traditions doesn’t mean we’re stuck in the past. Many grandmas, including me, are progressive in our thoughts and open to change. I’ve learned a lot about acceptance and inclusivity from my grandchildren, and they’ve picked up a thing or two about resilience and kindness from me. Remember, wisdom and open-mindedness are not mutually exclusive.

6. Grandmas Are Not Physically Active

When I’m not running around with my grandkids, you’ll often find me doing yoga or going for brisk walks. And trust me, I’m not the only one. I have friends who are part of senior swimming clubs, who dance to Zumba routines, and who have even joined local marathons. Age is just a number when it comes to fitness, and we grandmas are proving it every day.

7. Grandmas Love to Cook and Bake All Day

If you think all grandmas spend their days in aprons, think again. Yes, some of us are culinary maestros and love our time in the kitchen. But that doesn’t represent all grandmas. I know grandmas who would rather paint, write, or trek than prepare a three-course meal. Just like anyone else, our interests are varied and unique.

8. Grandmas Just Stay at Home

While we love our homes and the comfort they provide, grandmas are by no means homebodies confined to four walls. We go on cruises, take road trips, and explore new places just like everyone else. In fact, my friend Linda just returned from an African safari trip. So, if you think grandmas are home-bound, it’s time to think again.

9. Grandmas Are Always Mild and Gentle

Yes, grandmas are often warm and nurturing, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a fiery side. We can be assertive when needed, standing up for ourselves and our loved ones. And let’s not forget, many of us are activists, advocating for causes close to our hearts. We are gentle, yes, but we are also brave, fierce, and unyielding when circumstances demand.

10. Grandmas Don’t Have a Social Life

If you thought the social scene is just for the young, think again. We grandmas love a good get-together, whether it’s a book club meeting, a charity event, or just a fun-filled lunch with friends. We are sociable beings who cherish our friendships and make time for fun and laughter. So, the next time you think grandmas don’t have a social life, remember we might be out having a ball while you’re thinking that.

11. Grandmas Are All About The Past

No doubt, we grandmas have a treasure trove of stories and experiences from our past. But that doesn’t mean we’re stuck there. We’re fully engaged in the present, and not just in our personal lives. We stay updated on world affairs, societal changes, and emerging trends. Our hearts may treasure the past, but our minds are firmly set in the present and future.

12. Grandmas Don’t Enjoy Fashion

This stereotype is as dated as the petticoat. Many of us enjoy fashion just as much as anyone else. Our wardrobes have space for more than just sensible shoes and dated frocks. I have friends who rock leather jackets, trendy scarves, and chic sunglasses. Age has nothing to do with style, and grandmas can be as fashionable as anyone else.

13. Grandmas Can’t Work

Don’t underestimate the capabilities of a grandma. Many of us are still thriving in our careers, making valuable contributions to our fields. Others have started new ventures post-retirement, turning passions into profits. The idea that age somehow diminishes our abilities to perform in a work environment is deeply flawed. Experience and wisdom are assets that only get better with age.

14. Grandmas Are Not Romantically Active

This stereotype needs to retire. Love, romance, and companionship are not exclusive to any age group. Many grandmas continue to enjoy a rich and fulfilling romantic life, going on dates, and cherishing the joy of companionship. Age has nothing to do with the ability to love and be loved.

15. Grandmas Are Too Serious

Whoever came up with this stereotype obviously never met a fun-loving grandma. We’re more than capable of having a hearty laugh, pulling a harmless prank, or sharing a goofy meme. Laughter and joy are ageless, and we grandmas know how to fill our lives and the lives of those around us with both.

16. Grandmas Don’t Drive

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of us drive our own cars and quite well, thank you very much. We run errands, take road trips, and ferry our grandkids around when needed. Don’t be surprised if you spot a grandma revving up her engine at the traffic light next to you.

17. Grandmas Are Not Creative

Creativity doesn’t come with an expiration date. Many grandmas channel their creativity into various outlets – be it painting, writing, gardening, or inventing fun games for their grandkids. I have a friend who started a DIY crafts YouTube channel post-retirement. The world of creativity is expansive, and grandmas are certainly not left out.

18. Grandmas Are Not Environmentally Conscious

Age doesn’t affect our commitment to the planet. Many grandmas are eco-warriors in their own right, participating in recycling programs, advocating for sustainable practices, and passing on the importance of conservation to the younger generation. We care for our grandchildren’s future, and that includes the health of the planet they’ll inherit.

19. Grandmas Don’t Understand Modern Music

Music is a universal language that knows no age. Many grandmas have a diverse taste in music that includes contemporary genres. We may sway to the classics, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy a catchy pop song or the soulful strains of modern jazz. Music is for everyone, grandmas included.

20. Grandmas Can’t Adapt To Change

If there’s anyone who understands the nature of change, it’s us grandmas. We’ve lived through decades of societal and personal changes and adapted to each one. We’ve embraced new technologies, shifted with changing social norms, and adjusted to different life stages. Grandmas aren’t just capable of change, we’re masters of it.

21. Grandmas Always Want to Feed You

We grandmas do love to see our loved ones well-fed. But the stereotype that we’re always trying to stuff everyone with food is overstated. Many of us are advocates of balanced nutrition, encouraging wholesome meals over unhealthy snacks. We want to nourish our loved ones, not just feed them.

In the end, it’s evident that stereotypes, while often born out of a grain of truth, can be wildly misleading and just plain wrong. Grandmas are not a monolith, but a diverse group of women with varied interests, skills, and abilities. They’re vibrant, adaptable, innovative, stylish, and so much more than society’s misconceptions would have you believe.

They’re not just sitting on the sidelines, they’re actively participating in and reshaping the world. From working professionals to fashion influencers, tech wizards to eco-warriors, every grandma has her unique flavor to add to the mix.

So, next time you catch yourself or someone else leaning into these stereotypes, remember this list. Let’s give grandmas the credit they deserve and celebrate the myriad ways they contribute to our lives. After all, grandmas aren’t just about providing love and care, they’re about exemplifying strength, resilience, and zest for life, one amazing grandma at a time.

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