21 Musical Gifts to Inspire the Melodies of Your Talented Grandchild

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Playing music can help a child express themselves, enhance their cognitive abilities, and develop their fine motor skills. As a grandparent, you can encourage your grandchildren to explore their musical talents by helping them discover the amazing world of music through instruments and other gifts.

These gift ideas from Amazon organized by age groups are ideal for helping young children discover music and supporting your grandchild’s musical development over the years.

Musical Gifts for Ages 3 to 5

For young children, musical toys can help children explore sounds and better understand cause-and-effect relationships. Musical toys are also important for skill development.

Baby Einstein Toddler Jams

 This fun and colorful musical toy will expose your grandchild to different melodies and musical genres. Toddlers can interact with the large buttons to change the music selection while the lights help the child gain a basic understanding of musical rhythms.

M Sanmersen Piano Mat

This piano mat encourages dancing and jumping. It’s an engaging interactive toy with melodies, animal sounds, and lights that your grandchild can explore by stepping on the large piano keys. This toy encourages your grandchild to be active while discovering new sounds.

Melissa & Doug Band-in-a-Box

This band-in-a-box set includes ten hands-on instruments. It’s ideal for discovering percussion, and your grandchild will have a blast exploring the different sounds the instruments make and playing simple rhythms. The quality of the wooden toys makes this set an excellent investment.

Vtech Zoo Jamz Piano

Your grandchild will love this interactive piano with its colorful zebra design. Children can press colorful buttons to hear melodies and animal sounds, but the toy also includes piano keys your grandchild can use to discover the musical scale.

Kids Guitar 2-in-1 Music Toys

Is your grandchild a rockstar in the making? They will love this miniature guitar with built-in sound effects. Your child can press the piano keys, tap on the drum keys, and strum on the guitar strings to make noise and develop a wide range of fine motor skills.

Musical Gifts for Ages 6 to 8

As your grandchild grows, they will show interest in more complex musical activities and use music to explore their creativity.

Fuceoruy Dance Mat

Your grandchild can connect a phone or MP3 player to his dance mat and have a fun dance party. The different built-in modes encourage play and activity, and it’s a great way to help your grandchild develop a sense of rhythm while enjoying the music they love.

Move2Play Kids Bop Karaoke Microphone

If you have a grandchild who enjoys singing, this karaoke microphone is the perfect gift. It comes with four built-in voice effects and allows your grandchild to sing along to their favorite tunes once you pair the microphone with a Bluetooth device.

Stoie’s International Wooden Music Set

Gifting your grandchild with a set of quality wooden instruments could spark a passion for percussion. With a hand drum, tambourine, maracas, wood sounder, and more, this set has everything your grandchild needs to explore different sounds or perform with their friends.

M Sanmersen Piano Keyboard

This colorful and lightweight piano keyboard is a fun learning tool. The built-in demos and sound effects will keep your grandchild engaged, and you can use this toy to introduce musical concepts or teach your grandchild to play a few simple piano pieces.

Plugo Tunes by PlayShifu

Plugo Tunes is an accessible introduction to music. Your grandchild will learn to play simple tunes in no time thanks to the beginner-friendly waterfall learning technique. Your grandchild can connect a phone or tablet to the piano and follow along as they discover musical concepts and melodies.

Musical Gifts for Ages 9 to 12

As a preteen, your grandchild might start music lessons, learn more advanced concepts, and develop a preference for specific musical genres.

Rocksocki Electric Drum Set

This portable drum set includes seven different types of drums. It’s a digital instrument that your grandchild can connect to a phone or computer to develop their musical talents, play rhythm games, or record themselves playing.

Best Choice Products Kids Acoustic Guitar

This set includes everything your grandchild needs for their first guitar lesson. The 30-inch guitar is just the right size for a child, and the sound quality is surprisingly good given the affordable price point.

Help Your Kids With Music

If your grandchild is passionate about music, they will appreciate this book that introduces music theory concepts in a simple and approachable manner. The companion app is a plus.

Music Flash Cards

Sight reading can be one of the most challenging aspects of learning an instrument. These flashcards will turn sight-reading into a fun game for your grandchild.

VTech KidiStar DJ Mixer

This professional-looking DJ Mixer has over 2,000 sound effects your grandchild can combine to create their first EDM compositions.

Music Gifts for Ages 13 to 15

Teens can use music to find themselves and connect with friends, but playing an instrument can also teach discipline and focus to support your grandchild’s academic success.

Kalimba Thumb Piano

This budget-friendly gift will allow your grandchild to play their favorite tunes on the go and wow their friends with their musical abilities.

Meinl Percussion Djembe

This beautiful djembe is the ultimate gift for teens who enjoy percussion. Your grandchild can create their own rhythm or play world music with their friends.

RockJam 61 Key Keyboard Piano

This high-quality keyboard is the perfect instrument for a teen who is serious about learning to play the piano. The companion app is a helpful learning tool for sight reading and musical concepts.

Fender Squier Stratocaster

This kit includes a gorgeous Fender guitar and miniature amp. It’s a memorable gift for teens who dream of becoming a rockstar.

Improve For Real: The Complete Method for All Instruments

If your grandchild knows how to play an instrument, this book will help them take their skills to the next level and learn the theoretical aspects of musical improvisation.

Musical Theatre Anthology

Do you have a grandchild who is passionate about singing and performing? Encourage them to audition for a school musical with this songbook that includes over 30 popular Broadway hits.

As a grandparent, the gifts and encouragement you give can have an impact on the development of your grandchildren. These musical gifts are a great way to encourage your grandkids to pursue their passion and make music a part of their lives!

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