13 Things You Wish Your Grandkids Would Say More Often

Grandmas are straightforward creatures that don’t require much to make us happy. Seriously: Give us time with our grandkids and ample opportunity to enjoy our family, and you have given us the world! 

Okay, there is a rare occasion where we, like anyone else, enjoy a little positive affirmative, especially when it comes from our grandkids. If you are my grandchild – or if you are someone else’s and want to make your grandma happy – take note of these 13 seemingly simple (yet oh-so impactful) things that grandmas wish their grandkids would say more often:

1. “I love you.”

Grandmother hugs small child
Flickr/Shannon McGee

This may seem obvious, but we can never hear it enough – especially when it comes from our grandkids! Hearing I love you from these little ones is like visiting the Sistine Chapel or attending the most beautiful of symphonies in person. It is the most pristine thing there is and something that makes our hearts burst.

2. “Tell me a story about you!”

Grandmas love to share stories from our youth, as we want our grandkids to know about our lives. Not only this, but we hope these stories are ones that our grandkids will pass down to their kids so that our legacies will live on even after we’re gone.

3. “Thank you, Grandma.”

Whether for a gift, a home-cooked meal, or just spending time together, we appreciate your gratitude, as it shows us that you recognize our efforts and care about our feelings.

4. “Can I help you with that?”

Grandma pours sugar into the dough with grandchild
Flickr/Nenad Stojkovic

When you offer to help us with simple tasks like cooking or gardening, it makes us grandmas feel like we’re still needed and valuable. Plus, it’s an excellent way to bond and create memories. (What’s better than that?)

5. “I miss you!”

Even if you see us often, hearing that you miss us shows you value our presence in your life. It’s a reminder that we are a valued and essential part of your family. And for what it’s worth, I miss you, too!

6. “You look beautiful.”

We may not always look our best, but when you compliment us, it boosts our self-esteem and makes us feel loved. My grandson once complimented me on my hands. I see wrinkles in them, but he said he couldn’t wait until his hands are as soft as mine. It’s small gestures like these that can go a long way.

7. “Can we do something fun together?”

Puzzle time with Grandma

First of all, the answer is yes! (The answer is ALWAYS yes.) We love spending time with our grandkids, but sometimes it can be hard to come up with ideas. When you suggest a fun activity, it shows us that you, too, value our time together and that you, too, want to create memories.

8. “I’m proud of you!”

I always tell this to my grandkids, and I have to admit that it feels just as good when they say it to me! When you acknowledge our achievements, it makes us feel like we’re still making a difference in the world.

9. “Can we have a sleepover?”

Sleepovers are a fun and easy way for grandparents and grandkids to bond. When you ask us to spend the night, it shows that you enjoy being around us, which is the greatest gift you can give your grandparents. Now, which movie should we watch, and what kinds of treats should we have?

10. “Can we bake cookies together?”

Baking with Mom and Grandma
Flickr/S Jones

Cookies for our sleepover? You’ve got it! We love to bake, and doing it with our grandkids is even better. When we bake together, it gives us a chance to talk and create something, and it allows us to pass down some of our favorite recipes.

11. “Can you teach me how to XYZ?”

We have a lifetime of knowledge and skills to share, and we want to pass them on to our grandkids. Whether it’s that cookie recipe we just discussed or a skill/trait we possess, grandmas love to teach – especially when we have someone eager to learn!

12. “Can I give you a hug?”

Do I need to elaborate? Probably not, though I will say that hugs are one of the best ways to show love and affection. When you initiate a hug, it warms our hearts and makes us feel loved.

13. “I need to talk.”

Grandma kissing her granddaughter

No, we don’t like it when something is troubling our grandchild or anyone else we love, but we do appreciate being asked for our input – especially if it is something that we can help resolve.

So, dear grandkids, remember that these simple phrases and gestures can mean the world to your grandma. We love you more than words can express, and we appreciate every moment we get to spend with you.

Fellow grandmas: Can you think of anything else to add to this list? Let me know!

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