10 Life Lessons You Don’t Learn Til You Are A Grandma

When you are young, you think you know everything, but the older you get, the more you realize there is still much to learn, especially with life lessons. While you learn something with every stage of your life (I.e., School, work, motherhood, and so on), I have found the grandparent stage to be one of the most fulfilling and lesson-filled. To pass on some of this knowledge, I present to you these 10 life lessons that you don’t learn until you are a grandma:


Little girl with her hand on her forehead
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This one is self-explanatory, as these little people who have us wrapped around their cute and chubby little fingers can push boundaries better than anyone else, which is an excellent lesson in patience. While you should not let them get away with too much, they offer a great reminder to breathe and to let certain things go. 


Person in the dark with hands covering their face

Kids say the darndest things, and sometimes, it is at your expense. You may feel like you have everything figured out for once, but your overly honest grands will always be the first to tell you if your teeth are yellow, the cookies you baked weren’t the best, and/or you aren’t a good singer (ask me how I know all of the above!). Don’t take it to heart, and look at it as a lesson in humility. 

The ability to laugh things off 

Grandmother laughing at the table
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See: Humility.

In all seriousness, the ability to laugh off little things make for a much easier and less drama/resentment-filled life! 

Life is short

Grandma and grandchild sharing a moment
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Wasn’t it just yesterday when your baby was getting ready for their first day of school? How does your child – who, in your heart, will forever be 5 years old – have a child of their own? It puts things into perspective, especially how short and precious life truly is. 


iPad tablet sitting on a toy LEGO truck
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Now that I think about it, this isn’t a life lesson at all… however, our grandkids do teach us all about technology and how to use (and fix) it, so thanks for that! (And don’t be too snarky if/when you help us troubleshoot – after all, it was technically my generation who invented the computer and smartphones!)


The innocence of a young one
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Most of us have seen, heard, and experienced A LOT over the years, so many of us feel as removed from innocence as possible. Thank goodness for the innocence of grandchildren to restore that feeling and give us a newer, more gentle outlook on the world! 

It’s OK to ask questions

Question everything graffiti in white paint

This one may sound silly or just plain obvious, but asking questions and questioning issues is good, as it means we are continuing to learn and form our own opinions on various topics! While children can ask A LOT of questions (which can sometimes be too much), remember that they are just trying to figure out the world around them, which many adults I know could benefit from, too. 

Live in the moment

Grandmother with a laughing baby
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No one can live in the moment quite like kids, who have little to no worries about the world around them and what tomorrow may bring. May we all live like this: To enjoy the now and not worry about things out of our control. 

How to have fun

Grandparents enjoying a video game
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Did you forget what it’s like to cannonball into a pool or build sandcastles? Let your grandchild(ren) lead by example, and you will soon remember just how fun and enjoyable the simple things are! 

You’re never too old to do… well, anything!

Family spending time together in the pool
Flickr/Erik Weibust

If you thought you were too old to swing on the swings, dance to the Hokey Pokey, or finger paint, think again! While certain body parts may not work as well as they used to (I’m looking at you, knees!), that does not mean you are too old to enjoy the simple things that make life so grand. Remember, age is only a number, so make a wish on that dandelion or run through the sprinkler, as you’re never too old.

Aren’t grandchildren just the best? They give our life a new purpose, keep us young, and teach us something new every day! I hope this list made you smile and (as if you needed a reminder!) reminded you just how special it is to be a grandma. 

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