Thanksgiving Bingo Is A Great Way To Keep Your Grandkids Entertained At The Table

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Are you looking for a Thanksgiving activity that the grandkids will love? Sure, coloring at the table is fun, but nothing tops the excitement of hearing your number called in Bingo! While the traditional game is downright classic, Bingo can easily be customized, so I began mixing it with different holidays and events. 

Sound fun? 

If so, plan to play Thanksgiving Bingo around the dinner table with your grandkids! Here is how: 


  • Printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards (You can find these online or create your own!)
  • Bingo markers
  • A bowl or a hat for calling
  • Caller’s cards
  • Prizes (These could be Thanksgiving-themed trinkets, candies, or small toys)
  • A printout of Thanksgiving items for callers

1. Prepare the Bingo cards

Print out or create a set of Thanksgiving Bingo cards, ensuring there’s enough variety so not everyone wins at the same time.

2. Set up the caller’s card and distribute the cards and markers

Write or print out the names or pictures of the items on your Bingo cards on separate slips of paper and then place them in a bowl or hat for the caller. Next, it’s time to hand out a Bingo card and a set of markers to each player.

3. Explain the rules

Make sure everyone understands how to play. You can play traditional line Bingo, T-shaped Bingo, four corners Bingo, or even full card Bingo!

4. Start the game!

The caller should draw a card from the bowl and announce the item or show the picture. The players will mark the corresponding item on their cards. (Are you rolling your eyes because this is so obvious? I don’t blame you! Hehe.)

5. Declare winners

As soon as someone gets the required pattern (a line, full card, etc.), they shout, “Bingo!” Check their card for accuracy, and if they’re correct, they win a prize!

6. Continue playing

You can keep playing for as many rounds as you like, offering different prizes for each round.

7. Have fun!

The most important part of Thanksgiving Bingo is to have fun and enjoy the time with your family.


Thanksgiving Bingo is a wonderful way to add some interactive fun to your holiday gathering, as it encourages family members of all ages to play together and can easily become a new Thanksgiving tradition. So, print those cards, gather your prizes, and get ready for a game that’s sure to bring smiles and laughter to your Thanksgiving celebration.

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