11 Websites That Every Grandma Will Absolutely Love

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What did we ever do before the internet (besides getting lost because we couldn’t read an atlas to save our life!)? While there was nothing wrong with heading to the library to learn more about a particular subject, the internet has made it so much faster, easier, and fun, especially with websites that cater to literally every topic imaginable. We are always on the lookout for websites that are educational, wholesome, or just plain fun (or all of the above!), and I happen to think that these 11 may be the best websites for grandmas like us:


Screenshot of the website Wordle

Yes, I am going there, and I will tell you why! Now owned and operated by the New York Times, Wordle is the simple Covid-era word game that took the world by storm, as it challenges users to guess the secret word in 6 tries or less. Unlike most online games that want you to spend hours at a time on their platform, Wordle is just one word a day, which makes for a quick and easy distraction.


Screenshot of the website TravelAwaits

Who else LOVES to travel? One of my very favorite things about retirement and being an empty nester is planning and taking trips, and one of my favorite resources for the former is TravelAwaits. Billed as being the “premier destination for travelers age 50+,” TravelAwaits is divided up by destinations, activities and attractions, and news and tips, which makes the site easy to navigate and chock full of travel inspiration.

Evergreen Club

Screenshot of the website Evergreen Club

Now that you know where you want to go, it is time to make reservations and arrangements while saving tons of cash! With the Evergreen Club, you can stay in a cozy bed and breakfast for as little as $20 a night, thanks to their network of homestay partners. (Please note: There is an annual membership fee to join the network but trust us when we say it’s worth it!)


Screenshot of the website Freerice

Games are a great way to stay busy and keep your mind sharp, but did you know that they are also a great way to give back? That’s the case with Freerice: the United Nations World Food Program’s website that doubles as an educational trivia game with life-changing prizes (in the form of 10 grains of rice being donated for every correct answer)! Who knew that online games could be so darn rewarding?

Work Force 50

Screenshot of the website Work Force 50

When you aren’t out globetrotting or visiting the grandkids, you may find yourself feeling a bit bored. Does this sound familiar? Enter senior job sites like Work Force 50! While you can always use generic job search sites, we prefer ones like WF50, which not only connect you with stellar employment opportunities but offers helpful articles and expert advice.


Screenshot of the website Craftsy

Are you looking to perfect your favorite hobby or maybe start a new one? Then you will love Craftsy, an online resource that has ALL things quilting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking, cake decorating, and so on! Featuring 1,500 classes and a low membership fee, you will never run out of things to learn and create!


Screenshot of the website Ancestry

By now, you are probably familiar with Ancestry and its DNA kit, but you may be surprised to learn that the genealogy site makes it even easier to trace your lineage through not only the web’s most complete collection of family records but features like obituary searches, surname meanings, and printable charts and forms.

The Penny Hoarder

Screenshot of the website The Penny Hoarder

I love The Penny Hoarder! Not only does it have a Dear Abby-esque money advice column (Dear Penny – get it?) but tons of other free articles and resources, a la 4 Ways to Avoid Holiday Spending Debt This Year; 75 of the Best Senior Discounts for Food, Entertainment, Travel, and More; and Protect Your Home With These Cheap Doorbell Cameras Under $90.


Screenshot of the website Yummly

Obviously, everyone will have their own preference and opinion on which cooking site is the best, but if it were up to me, it is hands-down the yummy Yummly! Why does it stand out to me as better than the competition? It’s because they have an entire section dedicated to just Pantry-Ready Recipes (you type in the ingredients, and it gives you recipe suggestions!), plus it is super easy to search different cuisines and save your favorites.


Screenshot of the website Kiplinger

This is by far the most vanilla of my picks, but we all know that managing wealth and keeping a close eye on your investments and savings never retires, which is why I frequently check in with Kiplinger! Not only do I appreciate the money advice that Kiplinger gives, but also the latest in financial news that I wouldn’t have known about otherwise.


Screenshot of the website Duolingo

Do you remember when your kids were little, and you thought it would be fun to learn Portuguese, German, or insert preferred language here? Now is the time to do just that, thanks to the super simple Duolingo! Billed as the “world’s #1 way to learn a language,” each daily lesson takes 5 minutes and packs a surprising punch in terms of ease and user success. (Need I also mention it’s free to join?)

While I could go on and on about all of my favorite websites (like Facebook – how could I forget to mention Facebook?!), I will digress and let you get to searching! I hope that I introduced you to at least one new site that you will enjoy. Happy scrolling! 🙂

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