Do You Remember The Stroll From The 1950s?

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Back in 1957, a song titled “The Stroll” by musical group The Diamonds reached #4 on the Billboard pop charts, and it inspired a style of dance that swept across the nation! Written by Nancy Lee and Clyde Otis, I’m not sure they could’ve had any idea the impact their song would have on the culture of the decade.

Nowadays, a different version of The Stroll is done in the form of a group line dance, but the video here shows the original way it was done… Who remembers this? 🙂

The televised dance show in February of 1958 in Idaho showcased some local teens dancing in one of the biggest crazes to come out of the time period. Originating from American Bandstand, the dance was done by forming a line with the boys on one side and the girls on the other. The boy and girl at the front of the lines would meet in the middle, grab hands, and stroll down the aisle created between them.

As they made their way down the middle, the other kids in the lines would move their way up to the front using the same dance steps as the couple going down the aisle, but going side-to-side. When the dancers made it all the way to the end, they’d split off into the lines and the next couple was up!

Don’t all of these youngsters look so happy? They’re having so much fun with this!

Wow, now this brings me back! The song, the dancing, what a magical trip down memory lane. If you grew up during this era, you’ll definitely recognize this as a staple of the late 50s. Between this and meeting up at the soda fountain for a nice get-together and chat, what else did you need? 🙂

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