Church In The 1950s Made For Some Very Special Sundays

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Back in the 1950s, the notion of taking the family to church was much different than it is today. It was actually more of an event that started on Saturday and lasted throughout the rest of the weekend! Those Sunday memories have certainly stuck around with me; The sights, the sounds, the smells. It all told the story of a different time and different era.

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Sundays were seen as such special days, the preparations often began on Saturdays. Dad polished the shoes and gathered money for the offering, and Mom got the kids’ hair ready and clothes washed and pressed.

And then Sunday morning came around… You could sleep in a little bit, but you’d get up and have a big breakfast with the family before getting dressed and piling in the car for that drive to church!

As kids at the time, we would attend Sunday school first. It was a nice time to see your friends and have some fun before the main sermon. Everyone was dressed so nicely; The men and boys in suits and jackets, and the women and girls in dresses and fancy hats!

The family then sat together in a pew surrounded by stained glass windows as the choir sang along with the organ. After that, the pastor came out to deliver the message for what seemed like hours as a young one. But you knew the day was only getting started!

Upon arrival back home, you could smell the dinner Mom started prepping beforehand! The kids could play together in the yard and the parents got ready for the remainder of the day; A hearty dinner, and then maybe some gathering around the television for sports or The Ed Sullivan Show.

Sunday drives were also a thing, and sometimes the day even called for extended family gatherings and visits. Just all-around good times to be had!

The world just seemed to slow down on Sundays in the 50s. It was quiet and calm and an entire day devoted to the family. They were sacred. Typical everyday responsibilities took a backseat and allowed us to focus on the more important things in life. And that perspective is truly underrated.

Take the trip down memory lane in the video below! Did you have any other traditions or thoughts on these good old days? 🙂

Watch the video below:

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