101-Year-Old Woman Reacts To Seeing Herself On The News

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As someone who grew up watching programs on an old rabbit-ear television with a super blurry picture, it still amazes me what modern TVs are capable of. Huge, clear pictures full of color and in high definition! Gone are the days of gathering around a small screen and wrapping tin foil on the antennas for better reception!

Now imagine for a moment a 101-year-old woman seeing herself on TV for the first time in all of this modern glory! That’s exactly what happened after her son, Armand Foisy, recorded a video of his mother playing outside in the snow. The wholesome video was picked up by the local news, and then he got to record another kind of video… One of her reacting to seeing herself on the previous one! 😛

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Armand knew the segment was coming up, so he readied his camera and made his mother, Albina, the focus as he awaited her feedback…

The mother and son had originally pulled over to the side of the road after a beautiful snowstorm to take it all in. The elderly woman felt like a kid playing in the snow again, and she even packed a snowball and threw it into the woods!

The snow video was such a hit as it reminded everyone to take a moment to smell the roses every once in a while. Or in this case, feel the snowflakes on your face! It’s the little things in life that can bring us the most joy, and in the moment we may not even know we need it. After seeing this woman’s reaction, my entire day has been made! 🙂

Watch the video below:

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