Woman Goes To Nursing Home In Wedding Dress To Make Grandma Part Of Her Big Day

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There’s nothing like that bond between a grandparent and a grandchild. Especially later on in life after sharing so many memories and life lessons along the way! When you read this story and see it in the video below, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about…

An 84-year-old grandmother named Ruth Crowe suffers from dementia and has been in the nursing home for a bit now. And every morning, her granddaughter, 25-year-old Laura Schulman, visits and brings her a coffee. The two have been best friends since the day Laura was born! But on this particular day, she had a bigger surprise in store for Grandma!

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Grandma Ruth’s condition makes her a fall risk, and after a bout with pneumonia and other complications, the family decided it would be best for her not to attend Laura’s wedding. But Laura didn’t want to leave her out completely…

So the granddaughter showed up to the nursing home in her wedding dress so Grandma could see it for herself and be part of the big life moment! And Ruth’s reaction to seeing it was just perfect.

Laura says Grandma Ruth has already forgotten the moment, but they recorded it on video so they would always have the memory. What a special way to make sure she was involved in the big day. This just makes my heart sing!

See it in its entirety in the video below!

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