4 Quality Ways For Grandparents To Engage In Playtime With The Grandchildren

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As grandparents, there’s nothing we look forward to more than spending quality time with the grandchildren. Our entire world revolves around them! Whether it’s babysitting them while the parents get away or taking them out for a fun excursion with Grandma, we want to make the absolute most of this time together.

It’s no secret that kids love to play above everything else. So there’s no better opportunity to bond with the grandkids than to play along with them. What are the best ways to do that? Glad you asked! Here are four ways we can best engage with the little ones to create some long-lasting memories. 🙂

Engage in creative play in everyday situations

Even if you’re just driving the kids to school or taking them along to run some errands, take advantage of this time together. All time together is an opportunity, so play a game of “I Spy” or “What Color Is It?

Spend time outdoors

When at all possible, spend time together outdoors. Even if it’s just in your backyard or theirs, this encourages them to be active and helps them associate this fun with their favorite Grandma! So play some “Hide and Seek” or “Find The Treasure.”

Let your grandkids direct the play

It doesn’t all have to fall on your shoulders! In fact, allowing the children to choose what they want to do instills a sense of responsibility and respect that they will learn to appreciate. Take cues or straight up ask them what they feel like doing… within reason, of course! 😛

Find ways to play away from the small screens

They get enough screen time as it is. So time with Grandma should be time spent away from the bright lights of their phones and tablets! Board games are a nice alternative to get them thinking and being hands-on at the same time.

I hope these four things provide some direction for playing with the grandchildren. It’s something we take seriously and want to be the best at. So play away and be confident in your methods! 🙂

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