Grandma’s First Time Using Voice Recognition Has The Family Belly-Laughing

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New technology can be confusing and even a bit scary. But you can’t learn it and understand it without trying! Let’s face it; Our generation gets a bad rap for having closed minds when it comes to this stuff, but we tend to try our best when it’s for the family. There are so many ways to stay in touch today if we just embrace change a little bit!

But the learning experience can be a bumpy road. And sometimes hilarious! Hey, if we can’t laugh at ourselves, what’s the point? In the video below, we have a grandmother learning voice recognition software on her tablet for the first time, and everyone is losing it! 😀

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The 89-year-old grandma is trying out the “Hey Google” function on her Google tablet, just like Apple products have the “Hey Siri” command on their products…

And granddaughter Annalise Phillips is recording the entire thing as her mother also watches from over on the chair. But it’s not going so smoothly! It doesn’t seem to understand Grandma. “Is it working?” Annalise asks to which Grandma responds, “No!”

“Should we just type it instead?” they ask. Grandma says, “I think so!” It’s more work but would be way easier for the senior woman at this point! Old dogs can learn new tricks, and she’ll get it eventually. For now, at least everyone is having a good laugh!

See the hilarious moment right here in the video!

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