Granddaughter Returns Home Without Telling Grandma After 18 Years Apart

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You know what they say: “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” When we are away from the people we love most, we truly realize just how much they mean to us, and we miss them dearly. But that just makes a reunion that much more sweeter and special! And in the video below, we have a doozy. 🙂

Vercelly originally moved to the United States when her mother found work in the country. She was always super close to her grandmother, Ruth, though. But Ruth said it would be selfish of her to keep Vercelly in Guatemala and did what she thought was best. And 18 years later, the granddaughter was finally able to see Grandma again! Better late than never. <3

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When Vercelly became a U.S. citizen, she knew exactly where she wanted to go. So she boarded a plane and set off for Guatemala… without speaking a word of it to Grandma!

She was just seven years old the last time she saw Grandma Ruth, so this was going to hit hard. Everyone involved did a great job of keeping it all a secret, and when she finally walked around that doorway after a long trip, it was the moment she’d been looking forward to for decades. And Grandma’s reaction totally made it worth the wait!

See the amazing moment in the video below!

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