Grandma Crosses The Room To Find US Navy Granddaughter She Hasn’t Seen In 13 Years

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The only thing sweeter than union is reunion. And that’s exactly what we’re about to see in the video below. Grandma Ligaya and granddaughter Shezka haven’t seen each other in 13 years. But a reunion was planned in secrecy, and the cameras were ready to capture it all!

The 73-year-old grandmother moved from her native Philippines to Australia when Shezka was just eight years old. And then in 2011, Shezka, her two siblings, and their mother moved to the United States. The distance between the family was now greater than ever. With Shezka 21 years old and in the U.S. Navy, the perfect opportunity presented itself for a surprise get-together!

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A family reunion was set up in the Philippines, and Shezka headed there a week early to get to work on the plan. She continued to talk to Grandma on the phone normally as if she were in a different country. Then, it was time for the family to meet up at the hotel room…

Grandma Ligaya had no idea Shezka was there, but as she made her way across the room, she caught a familiar face out of the corner of her eye. It took her a second, but the dots started to connect and it all set in.

There at the table was the granddaughter she hadn’t seen in more than a decade, since she was just a little girl! Shezka stood up, and the pair locked in a hug as the tears of joy began to flow. It’d been a long time coming! 🙂

See the surprise reunion in the video below!

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