Great-Grandfather Arrives To See Newborn, Breaks Down Upon Entering The Room

Nothing means more to us in this world than family. So when another grandchild comes into the world, it’s a joyous occasion unlike any other! The feeling is honestly indescribable. And if we’re lucky enough, one day we may even become great-grandparents!

In the video below, Larry Kayler Myers, 65 years old, arrives to the hospital to meet his newborn great-grandson. He has his camera in hand ready to capture the memories. But before seeing granddaughter Samantha Williams’ little miracle, he’s presented with a document…

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It is the birth certificate for one Lincoln Kayler Williams. Kayler was Larry’s father’s name which was passed down to him as a middle name. After skipping a few generations, Sammantha decided it was time to honor her grandfather. 🙂

Larry’s bottom lip began to quiver, and tears filled his eyes! He was moved by this gesture beyond words. A special day just became that much more special! Everyone celebrated the moment together with smiles and hugs.

Add to this the fact that Lincoln is a miracle baby, and it’s all just so wonderful! Samantha and her husband, Thomas, had been trying to have a child for six years. Wow! Life doesn’t always work out as planned, but that often makes us that much more grateful for the destination.

See the wholesome moment in the video here:

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