83-Year-Old Dementia Sufferer Hears The Voice Of Her Late Husband In Teddy Bear

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There are just some moments in life that stand out above the rest, and for this family, this is one that will stick with them forever. Their 83-year-old grandmother suffers from dementia, and for them to be able to have a breakthrough with her like this is special on so many levels.

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Jean Walters lost her husband 10 years ago to lung cancer, and a month after his passing, she was given a teddy bear by her granddaughter, Abbie Webb. Today, Grandma has a hard time remembering things. But apparently the voice of her late husband is not something she’ll soon forget…

The family took the teddy and had it altered so that when squeezed, it would play a clip of Dennis’ own voice saying, “You’re the best girl in the world for me.” He used to write this to Jean back when he was away in the Army.

They gather around to give her the special gift, and she notices her bear. She just doesn’t know there’s anything different about it until they tell her to squeeze it. And when she does, that reaction says it all!

In an instant, she recognizes the voice of her late husband, and she’s on cloud nine! She can’t believe what she’s hearing, and her family is thrilled with her reception to the teddy. Now anytime Grandma wants, she can listen to the soundbite to feel close to Grandpa once again. <3

See the sweet moment in the video below:

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