Father With Dementia Receives The News Written Out On A T-Shirt

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There’s nothing like that moment you learn you’re going to be a grandparent. It’s something you’ve thought about since you had kids of your own, maybe longer! And now that the time is here, you want nothing more than to be the best version of yourself for the little ones…

In the video below, we have a father who is about to find out he will be a grandpa soon. He has dementia, so his daughter, Kelley, came up with the idea to present the news to him with a surprise t-shirt!

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As soon as Kelley and her husband, David, got married, they were determined to have a kid as fast as possible so that Patrick, 72 years old, could experience being a grandfather before his condition worsened…

At the moment, Patrick is just in the beginning stages of memory loss and has some trouble with the timing of things. He’s fully aware of what’s going on around him and still has his sense of humor, so it was the perfect time to break the news!

He takes a look at the t-shirt that reads, “This Guy Is Going To Be A Grandpa” and Kelley shows him the sonograms. Patrick says, “I knew it was going to happen!” as fights back the tears. It worked out so perfectly for this family! 🙂

See the special moment in the video below:

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