11-Month-Old Twins Prove To Be A Hilarious Handful For Grandma

We love love LOVE our grandchildren! But even as the fun grandma, it’s not always easy. As much as we just get to spoil them and snuggle them and send them back to their parents for all the tough responsibilities, there are times when we are called upon to do a bit more. And we are more than happy to help! But there can certainly be some struggles…

Thankfully, many of these struggles are little, harmless things we can laugh about! Just take a look at this hard-working grandmother in the video below. She agreed to watch the twins for a while. But the 11-month-old grandchildren prove to be quite the handful! 😀

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The babies are getting pretty good at this crawling around thing, so they’re super hard to contain. Just as Grandma corrals one of them, the other is off and running as if they’re doing it on purpose!

They stagger their attempts in their try to make a great escape from the nursery, but as overwhelmed as Granny becomes, she wins in the end!

Grandma finally clears both of the twins from the doorway and is able to close it off. The kids are crying, so she gets down on the ground with them to console and comfort them. And then, mission accomplished! A grandmother’s work is never finished, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

See the funny struggle in the video below!

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