Mary Gives Her Hilarious Answer When Asked How To Deal With Young Tailgaters

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Welcome to another segment of Laughing with Mary!

If you don’t know Mary Maxwell, you’re in for a treat! She’s known for her hilarious and honest takes on aging, and now she’s answering other seniors’ questions with the same deadpan humor she’s always used to navigate life’s problems! In the video below, Sharon from Cape Cod wrote in to ask Mary’s advice on dealing with some young whippersnappers…

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Sharon asks: “I enjoy driving around town but I’m annoyed by these young people who are constantly tailgating me. Any suggestions on how to get them to stop?”

Great question! Mary digs deep and puts her years of experience and wisdom to use to come up with some options that are sure to make a difference — Some of them intentional and some of them not so much! It’s typical Mary stuff, but as always, she catches you off guard with some new and clever twists to keep you on your toes. I hope you are prepared to laugh as much as I did! 😀

See her hilarious answer in the video below!

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