52-Year-Old Man Receives A Cap For His Birthday With An Inscribed Message

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Life is full of special milestones. And the ones we get to share with family are the cream of the crop! Early on in life it’s going to school, getting your license, graduating, and starting a family, among other things. But they don’t stop there. And the 52-year-old man in the video below is about to hit yet another that’ll change his life forever, and he has no idea. 😉

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Del was taken out to eat by his daughter, Ashley, to celebrate his birthday. But she had something else up her sleeve! As they are sitting at the table, she slides over a bag with his birthday gift inside. One that is discreet enough for him not to notice right away, but it has a special message embroidered on the side of it…

It’s a cap of his favorite football team, The Ohio State Buckeyes. He doesn’t see it right away, but Ashley tells him the hat is personalized. So he looks around, and there it is on the side in red lettering…

“#1 Grandpa.” It hits Del all at once. He was going to be a grandfather. His eyes began to well up, and his lips started quivering. What an absolute heartwarming moment!

There’s nothing like that moment you learn you’re going to be a grandparent. You’ll never forget the time nor the place you received the good news! 🙂

See the amazing moment in the video below!

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