90-Year-Old Grandma Sings Her Hilarious Song About Growing Old

Growing old isn’t so bad. It’s certainly better than the alternative! We should consider ourselves lucky and be extremely thankful that we’ve been able to, by the grace of God, live our wonderful lives for so long. Being alive to see grandchildren (and maybe even great-grandchildren!) come into the world is such a blessing.

But if you can’t acknowledge the growing pains and laugh at yourself along the way, what are we even doing here? Laughter is the best medicine, and the grandmother in the video below has a great attitude about it all! You’ll want to see this… Turn up the volume!

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Grandma Vera has gathered with 60 family members and friends as they celebrate her 90th birthday! And for the occasion, Granny decided to get the guitar out and sing a song she put together 23 years ago but has never been more relevant than it is on this day…

It’s the classic Patsy Cline song “Fall to Pieces,” but Grandma put her own words to it. She dedicates it to all the seniors in the room and says that “if any of you young people think it’s not true, I have news for ya!” 😀

As Grandma Vera plays through the song, they can’t hold back their laughter! Her version is too perfect, especially the line about how they “scrimp and save for the golden years, but when we get here, we fall to pieces.”

See Granny’s hilarious performance in the video below!

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