Grandma Gets Behind The Wheel Of A Self-Driving Car And Loses Her Mind

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Old dogs can learn new tricks, it just may take them longer to get acclimated! As someone with a lot of years under my belt, I like to think I’m adaptable. But admittedly, new technology can be very scary. At times, it is very overwhelming, and it’s typically things so foreign to the way we used to live. It was simple and easy back then, but I am starting to see how the advancement of technology makes for a more efficient life.

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In the video below, we have a grandmother who is being very openminded by trying out a self-driving car. Her son, Bill, is in the seat beside her to help show her how it works. But it’s still a wild ride to this woman, and she freaks out. And Bill can’t help but laugh! 😀

It seems against the very nature of driving a vehicle to not take ahold of the steering wheel and guide the way. You might as well tell us we can breathe under water! But granny here is doing her best…

The Tesla is designed to disengage the self-driving mode as soon as someone grabs the steering wheel, so it’s very easy to fall back on normal habits. But this poor lady doesn’t know that, and she’s along for the ride… Whether she likes it or not! I know it wouldn’t be funny at the time as I can definitely understand where she’s coming from, but we can look on it now and laugh without feeling too bad. 😀

See the hilarious moment in the video below!

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