The Secret To A Happy Marriage According To The Hilarious Mary Maxwell

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If you know Mary Maxwell, you have an idea of what’s coming. If you don’t, she’s known for her deadpan sense of humor and her honest and hilarious takes on getting older. And in this series called “Laughing with Mary,” she answers questions from people about aging and life in general.

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Today’s question comes from Sharon in Santa Fe. Sharon says that her granddaughter is getting married in the summer and asks for the secret to a happy marriage to pass on to the soon-to-be newly wed. And she knew she’d get the perfect answer from Mary! 😛

“That’s a wonderful question, Sharon,” Mary says. “It’s difficult because we promise to be true to each other until death do us part…” And then she drops the punchline. Only Mary Maxwell! 😀

Mary talks about how she and her husband just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary and how surprised they both were. Because during those first 10 years, it sounds like it was anything but smooth sailing!

But her number one answer to the question “What is the secret to a happy marriage?” based on instinct and straight from her heart? I mean, why would we expect anything different from Mary Maxwell at this point? Too funny!

Hear her hilarious answer in the video below!

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