Granddaughter Tries Salt And Vinegar Chips For The First Time

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Kids say and do the darnedest things! And there’s nothing like seeing them experience their “firsts” in life. Some of the best memories are created from them coming face to face with what this world has to offer. And there are plenty of laughs to be had along the way thanks to this!

In the video below, we have a British woman who now lives in France who was missing the wide variety of potato chips, or “crisps,” available in her home country. So the last time she went back, she stocked up on salt and vinegar variety. And her young daughter just had to try them!

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The curiosity of a young kid often gets the best of them, but how do you know what you like without trying it first? As the little girl takes a bite out of the Pringles salt and vinegar chip, she says one thing while her face says another altogether!

“Do you like it?” Mom asks her daughter. The toddler responds with an enthusiastic “Yeah!” even though her eyes are squinting and her lips are puckering! “It’s a little bit spicy,” she continues… How funny! 😀

Does this remind any of you of your grandchildren? It sure does for me! See the precious moment in the video below!

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