84-Year-Old Man’s Cat Saved His Life, And He Breaks Down Talking About It

You can’t say enough about a good pet. Our little furry friends, companions, and at times, our lifelines. They call dogs “man’s best friend,” but cats have proven to be just as important and loving, just in different ways! If you live alone, having a pet can be especially helpful, and the story below is a perfect example of that…

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Ron Williams is an 84-year-old man who lives on his own with his pet cat, Fluffy. He adopted Fluffy from a friend, and at the time, he could’ve never imagined the impact the pet would have on his life. This feline would pay back the debt—and then some—on one fateful day.

Ron was getting out of the shower like he’s done a million times before, but this time he happened to slip. He fell to the floor and lay there for nearly 16 hours with no one else around. But then he remembered a trick he taught his cat and gave it a try as a last resort…

Anytime his cellphone rang, Ron would say “ring-a-ding,” and the cat started to pick up on this over time. He thought of this in his moment of desperation and called out to Fluffy and repeated the phrase. Unbelievably, Ron felt his pet at his hand just a few moments later.

He credits being alive and well today to his dear animal, and Fluffy is being hailed a hero! It’s usually a dog in stories like these doing the saving, but this here is the Lassie of cats! 🙂

See the incredible story in the video below:

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