Man With Alzheimer’s Remembers His Wife Through Music & Dancing

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Alzheimer’s is a disease I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy. No one should have to go through that. Unfortunately it can get the best of us as we get older, so we gotta live each day to its fullest and constantly tell those closest to us how much we love and appreciate them!

In the video below, we see 83-year-old Donald who has been suffering with the disease for the past 11 years now. At this point, he has forgotten almost everyone including children, friends, neighbors, and grandchildren, but the one person he remembers is his wife, Joanie, whom he connects to with their music…

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Donald’s granddaughter, Sophia, has recorded some of these moments in his home in Wisconsin. And they provide a blip of happiness and sense of hope in an otherwise sad situation. He will put on some of he and his wife’s old-time favorites such as Glen Miller and other big-band classics. And the memories come rushing back!

Donald starts dancing around the living room like he used to do with his wife, Joanie. And there are times when she walks in on this and joins in to help her cope. It’s a sense of triumph through the adversity! It’s amazing what music can do!

Watch as he makes the sweet connection through music in the video below:

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