He Was Poor. She Was Rich. The Story Behind The Photo Is Wonderful.

I came across a post that I just had to share here. A user named Mrs Boucher shared a photo with the caption:

“He was dirt poor, she was rich. Her family threatened to disown her if she married him. She decided she loved him more than any inheritance and went on to marry him and have two kids. He loved her so much he died holding her hand. Ladies and gentlemen, my grandparents.”

And here’s the photo:

Credit: u/mrsboucher on Reddit

The mini story was so touching that hundreds of people began to comment on it and learn more about the lovebirds.

It turns out the photo was taken on their wedding day, and mrsboucher shared it on the 5 year anniversary of her grandfather’s death. She went on to say, “My life was never the same without him. I miss him desperately. That’s why I made this post. But I have her, a gentle, funny and tough woman that makes me laugh every day and it makes me hurt less.”

She also shared some backstory about her grandparents:

“She had an elaborate plan of accidentally bumping into him on purpose. So she went to the butcher’s at the time he would walk by after work, bumped into him, the steaks went up in the air and they finally talked. He always remembered taht she was wearing a skirt with sombreros embroidered on it. And from then on, their relationship grew in secret until 6 years later they got married and she moved to the ghetto where he lived. He shared as mall house with his two sisters, his mom, his grandma, and his brother in law. They were very, very poor. Being the son of a native woman and a black man, he wasn’t given as many opportunities back then. Theat also played a role in her family’s opinion of him. But she didn’t care. She fell madly in love and thanks to that I had the best grandfather in the world.”

Earlier this year, she posted a new photo of her grandma at age 91! She’s still looking great!

What I love about this story is that we’d never have known about it if it weren’t for this person sharing it.

How many other beautiful stories of love through the ages are out there?

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