100-Year-Old Man Is Set Up With A Reunion For His Birthday Celebration

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There’s nothing like a nice surprise in life! Especially when that surprise comes in the form of family you haven’t seen in a while. Life is always throwing us curveballs, and sometimes things don’t get to line up the way we would like them to. And the pandemic kept this great-grandfather and sister away from each other for two years.

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In the video below, we have the birthday celebration for Norman. He just turned the big 100, and the community set up a parade of classic cars and a fly-by as thanks and appreciation. He’s the oldest living veteran in the region, and those closest to him wanted the occasion to be special. And what more special than a surprise visit from someone you love…

One of these classic cars contained his 98-year-old sister Jeanne. He had no idea, but after two years apart they were about to be reunited! The brother and sister are the oldest and only living of nine total siblings, so to say this is special is an understatement!

When that door opens to reveal who’s inside, Norman recognizes her right away. And his excitement to see her is evident! Some hugs and tears are shed, and I have to say, he probably couldn’t have asked for a better birthday celebration! 🙂

See the wonderful moment in the video below!

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