The Funny Mary Maxwell Advises Someone On Whether Or Not To Buy That New Dress

We’re back with another installment of “Laughing with Mary” in which Mary Maxwell answers questions and gives out free advice. And it’s always both parts educational and funny! What else would one expect from someone of Mary’s experience? Hope you’re ready to laugh — Let’s get to it!

In the video below, Florence has submitted a question to Mary asking, “Should I wear my old dress to a wedding, or let my daughter buy me a new one?” She feels the navy blue dress is perfectly fine, and she’s worn it many times. But maybe that’s the problem…

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This dress has served her well for the last 10 years she says proudly. Florence feels it’s ridiculous to pay for a brand new dress when she has one that’s perfectly fine right there at home. But now, her daughter has even offered to pay for a new one!

If you’re familiar with Mary at all, you may know what’s coming! While she does admit that frugality is a virtue, she’s leaning in a different direction here. Just wait until you hear the suggestions Mary offers up… It’s classic Mary!

Hilarious and witty, yet so loving and smart. Gotta love her! Hear her hilarious comments in the video below!

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