Family Talks 105-Year-Old Man Into Holding His Newborn Great-Grandson

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Every new grandchild is such a blessing. They’re little gifts from God who not only add to the family lineage, but they inject their own unique blend of energy and love into our lives! The bond between grandparents and grandchildren is so unique. And if we’re lucky enough, we get to stick around long enough to see our great-grandchildren come into this world!

In the video we have here, a 105-year-old man is getting ready to meet his newborn great-grandson. James Herald Spring is still very active, independent, and smart, according to his family. He does look very good for his age! But “Pop” is still a bit hesitant to hold Easton…

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“I’m going to drop him!” the great-grandfather says. But his family insists. And what do you know, the five-day-old baby finds that perfect, snuggly spot in his great-grandpap’s arms! It’s almost as if they were fitted for each other. 😉

“We never anticipated what we saw… the hugs, the look in his eye,” granddaughter Susan Zwolak said. The two had an instant connection, and you can see their bond being solidified in real time. I’m so glad Pop came around and changed his mind about holding little Easton. It made his, and the family’s, entire day—and we’re all better off for it too! 🙂

See the heartfelt moment in the video below:

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