4-Year-Old Girl Meets Grandma For The First Time At The Airport

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There’s nothing like the love between a grandparent and grandchild. It is its own kind that can’t be compared to any other. Something about already having kids of your own and then your children having their own… It’s just special and can’t be explained. And the first time you meet them is something you’ll never forget!

Now imagine a grandchild just old enough to be in the right headspace to understand meeting Grandma for the first time. For the four-year-old little girl in the video below, that’s exactly how it worked out. Her first time wasn’t meeting her grandmother as a newborn in the hospital where she wouldn’t recognize her or remember the situation, it was in an airport as a toddler…

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Joy and her daughter arrived to the airport in Thailand to catch Grandma (the husband’s mother) coming off of the plane. It took the grandmother 24 hours in total to show up, but it would soon be worth every second.

Can you even imagine what Grandma must’ve been thinking for that 24 hours? And then, it became a reality rather than imagination. The granddaughter couldn’t wait for the moment either and had been talking about it for a while. And upon seeing each other, the love was automatic. <3

See their very first meeting in the video below!

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