Grandma Grabs The Notepad And Goes Above And Beyond For Her Grandkids

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As grandmothers, we’d do anything and everything for our grandchildren. They’re the light of our worlds and the future, so it’s important to do our part to help bring them up the right way in this world. We show them the correct path with love and companionship, and it turns out some grandmas are more creative with this than others!

This Virginia grandmother has decided to kick things up a notch and go above and beyond for her grandchildren by taking an interest in something they love. She got a pencil and paper out to take notes to know what to talk about with them later on! 🙂

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She took it upon herself to watch the entire Marvel film universe which includes over 30 movies! And it all started with 2008’s Iron Man

It’s quite the list of movies to get through! But it just shows how much it means to her to be able to converse with the grandchildren about the things they love. As she goes, she reviews each movie, and she says Thor is her favorite “because the actor is hot.” 😀

You gotta love it! What a great idea to get even more involved in the lives of our loved ones. I’m feeling inspired and may have to do something similar now!

See Grandma’s movie marathon in the video below!

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