Grandma Has Dementia, So Woman Keeps Breaking The News That She’s Engaged

There’s nothing like that relationship with your grandparents while growing up. I was lucky enough to be able see them often, visiting more than once a week and sharing many memories together! It’s just a different type of friendship, and today, I’m doing my best to be there for my grandchildren in the same way!

In the video below, we have Maddie and her grandmother, Shirley. The two were always super close and the best of friends from the very beginning! But now, the 85-year-old woman suffers from dementia. She’s still very aware of what’s going on around her in the moment, her memory is just no longer very good. The one silver lining? She gets to relive a moment that makes her very excited over and over…

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Maddie recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Cole, who serves in the U.S. Air Force. When she first broke the news to Grandma, it ignited a huge spark of joy in her! Maddie recorded it knowing Memaw would forget and decided to retell her sporadically to give her that happiness all over again. 🙂

Now, the two have something new in common. Shirley’s husband was also a member of the Air Force, but he passed away during the Vietnam War. And despite her condition, the memory of him is still present with her to this day! Maddie hopes this can raise awareness for those with dementia and show the joy small gestures can make in their lives. 🙂

See all of the sweet reactions in the video below!

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