Elderly Woman Almost Misses Her Seat, But Her Little Dog Saves The Day

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Like the song says, we all get by with a little help from our friends. Sometimes in life we just need assistance with something that may be so trivial or ordinary. It’s just the way it goes! There’s no shame in admitting it, and that’s what friends and family are for. 🙂

Whether you have that best friend who always has your back or that little furry companion who watches your every move, you’re blessed and set for life! In the video below, we see an elderly woman who couldn’t have done it without her dog…

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The outdoor camera shows the woman finishing up some work out back and sweeping to clean up. And all of a sudden she needs to sit down and take a break. Her little puppy senses what she’s about to do, and that’s when he comes running!

She wants to sit on her plastic stool for a breather, but it is not lined up with her. The pup pushes on it with his front two paws trying to line it up with where his owner is sitting back—And he doesn’t stop until it’s just right! That could’ve ended badly if Grandma had misaligned herself and fallen to the ground. What would we do without our loved ones? 🙂

See the thoughtful act in the video below!

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