A Widower’s Letter To His Wife’s Hairdresser Left Her Wordless

Sometimes the written word is just so powerful you can’t help but tear up.

That’s the case with this letter that a man sent to his wife’s hairdresser. The anonymous writer became a widower shortly after taking a trip to the salon with his wife.

His wife was suffering from dementia. The hairdresser’s actions not only gave her a final feeling of happiness and beauty, but it left an imprint on the man’s life forever.

Here’s the letter, and you can read the transcript below it:

A beautiful letter from a widower to his wife's hairdresser.

June 27

Dear Sara,

This is a little bit awkward. But I’ve waited a really long time to pass this on to you.

My wife and I came in for haircuts shortly before Christmas of last year.

My wife was suffering from dementia, and you treated her as if you’d been working with dementia patients all your life. You let us sit next to each other, and when it came time for her cut you turned her chair towards me so I could watch her expression as you cut her hair.

It turned out even better than I thought it would.

Sadly, she died in March. And that haircut was one of the last, best moments of her life. She felt so pretty. She visited the mirror in her bathroom several times during the day and would come out beaming.

To see her happy was priceless.

Looking back, it was likely one of dozens of haircuts you gave that day. But one which revitalized a woman’s sense of self and her singulgular beauty. I hope you always realize the power of your profession.

It’s so easy to take things like that for granted.


A grateful customer

The letter has gone far beyond Sara and has touched the hearts of thousands of people.

Small acts of kindness do lead to a better humankind.
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Dementia is unbearably difficult for families. With people like Sara, it’s a little bit easier.

And a little bit more beautiful.

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