Elderly Man With Dementia Is Reunited With His Great-Granddaughter

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Some bonds are stronger than others. And there’s just something about the ones involving two people on opposite ends of the age spectrum. The older person has so much knowledge to pass onto the young one who repays them with a jolt of youthfulness and energy! And when you factor in blood relation, it’s a recipe for an unbreakable relationship for life.

In the video below, we have a great-grandfather named Jesse. And “PawPaw” had been living with his daughter, Gina, granddaughter, Ava, and great-granddaughter, Aleida, in their home in Houston until a couple months ago when he had to be moved to a nursing facility. His cognitive skills have been diminishing ever since being diagnosed with dementia, and he needed full-time care. So this was a big change for everyone involved…

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But the one person Jesse always asked about was his great-granddaughter Aleida! Ever since she was just one year old, she was used to him being around and needing help with things, so she always acted as his carer. Being apart now is tough, but it makes for some very special visits!

Here, we see Aleida coming into his room for a reunion after a long separation due to COVID-19 restrictions, and PawPaw’s reaction says it all! Also, we get to see the time the family went to pick up Aleida from school with Great-Grandpa in the car waiting for her — She had no idea! These two are quite the pals, and they won’t let anything come between them. 🙂

See the sweet moment in the video below!

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