Military Grandson Gets Home To See 87-Year-Old Grandma In Hospice

Family is everything. And as we get older, it goes through some changes — It’s just the circle of life. But it’s every bit as precious, and the young ones are the future! As grandparents, we like to show them the way and help set them up for success. And you appreciate every visit and every little interaction more as time goes on.

In the video below, we have 87-year-old grandmother Margaret who has been through her fair share of ups and downs. She raised her grandson Eric after his father passed away. And five years ago, a tragic car accident took Eric’s brother, Bobby. This left Eric as the only relation left to her late son. But he was on a year-long deployment with the National Guard when Grandma was placed in hospice. She thought she would never see him again, but…

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Eric’s wife, Dana, helped make sure a reunion could happen before it was too late. She made some phone calls, and before she knew it, Eric was headed back home from Saudi Arabia!

Grandma Margaret was told she had a surprise visitor, but she thought that meant Dana and the nine-month-old baby. She has 15 great grandchildren in total and gets lots of visitors daily, but this one was different…

When Grandma saw Eric walk into the room, it was all tears. The two best buds were back together again, and the moment was captured on video to have forever! This is what it’s all about, and I’m so glad it was made possible. 🙂

Watch the special moment in the video below!

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