Mary Explains How To Deal With Disrespectful Kids In Her Matter-Of-Fact Humor

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The hilarious Mary Maxwell is back and as funny as ever answering yet another life question on this installment of “Laughing with Mary”! Her deadpan, matter-of-fact way of speaking brings some lightheartedness to even the more serious questions, and she always makes great points! 😀

In the episode in the video below, she receives a question from Sylvia about her five children and how they treat her while they’re around. It sounds as if the kids don’t even realize how their behavior is coming across, but Sylvia doesn’t want to risk creating drama and stepping on toes…

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“Dear Mary, I have five children who seem to think I’m either too old or too stupid to make my own decisions. They come in and move thing around and make arrangements without even discussing it with me. When we are all here, no one talks to me — just around me.”

“I am still a mother and deserve a little respect,” Sylvia continues. “How can I put my foot down without alienating them entirely?” Mary starts her reply off with, “Children, may I have your attention?” And she goes on to drop a lot of truth bombs and zingers to set the children straight for good! 😀

Hear the hilarious Mary Maxwell in the video below!

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