Depressed Widower Was At The Store When Someone Blurted Out, ‘Hi, Old Person’

Dan Peterson had fallen into a deep depression after his wife, Mary, passed away. He spent days at his home in Augusta, Georgia, just staring out the window at the squirrels. The 82-year-old man felt like he lost all reason to go on, but one trip to the grocery store would change his life forever…

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The CBS series “A More Perfect Union” finds unique connections across the country to highlight how we have more in common than recent news stories may suggest, and this unexpected but powerful bond between an older gentleman and a little girl just may take the cake. Have the tissues handy!

For six months, Mr. Peterson admits he was just sitting around waiting to die. And then one day, he went to the local Publix to get some groceries. He hates shopping but was trying to do his best to move on. And when he got to the end of the canned food aisle, he heard “Hi old person, it’s my birthday today!”

He was completely thrown off. This unapproachable man was just approached by a little girl named Nora Wood. And her mom was completely embarrassed. That’s when Nora asked the man for a hug, as if she knew he needed it, and he accepted without hesitation!

This simple grocery store encounter set the wheels in motion for his life to come. Mrs. Wood made sure her daughter and the elderly man could keep it touch, and they visit at least once per week! Dan has grandchildren of his own, but they’re all grown up and have since moved away. And Nora has grandparents, but this friendship is just different. Now, Dan Peterson lives to watch his “angel” grow up. :’)

Watch the video below:

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