Great Great Grandmother Reacts To Learning Her Age On Her Birthday

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You know what they say; Time flies when you’re having fun! And when you’re blessed with an amazing life and truly enjoying every minute, you just wish you could slow it down or even turn back the clocks a little bit. You really realize just how fast it’s going by when watching the grandchildren grow at the speed they do… Where did all that time go?

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As for ourselves, let’s face it. We stop keeping track of our age after our 21st birthday. And in ours 30s, it really begins to get foggy! Anyone ever ask how old you are and you have to do the math? That’s me! And wait until you see the great great grandmother in the video below. She’s hit such a huge milestone of an age, she doesn’t even know where to begin. And her reaction says it all!

But she has her wonderful family by her side on her birthday to remind her of just how far she’s come! Her granddaughter Teri Trayan, 47, asks how old she thinks she is today to which Ruth Fear replies, “I have no idea.”

When Teri breaks the news, Ruth’s response is all of us on every birthday: “I don’t believe that.” 😀

Age is just a number after all. It’s all about how young we feel and the energy we receive from the young ones in our families. They’re the true fountains of youth!

Great Great Grandmother Ruth looks very good for her age though, I have to say! See the hilarious moment in the video below:

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