Grandson Surprises His Grandpa For The First Time At A Restaurant

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At our age, it’s more about family than ever. We live for that new generation that is the future. Anything we can do to help prepare them for the life ahead and to just show them as much love as possible in the meantime is the true purpose of a grandparent! We know how precious life is and what’s truly important, and it’s our duty to pass that along… even if it means spoiling the grandchildren rotten every once in a while! 😉

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Below, we have a video of a grandson surprising his grandpa for the first time at a restaurant. This shows exactly what these kids mean to their elders. Have the tissues handy…

Mom, Erica Lusher, gathered her family and traveled to Florida wanting to surprise the grandparents. She got word that Grandma and Grandpa were eating at Golden Corral in Port Orange and showed up for the big moment! They run into Grandma first, and her expression is just a small preview of the big surprise to come!

Then they walk around the corner where Grandpa is seated at the table eating his meal, and he looks up in a bewilderment that quickly turns to astonishment. His grandson, Ayden, is really here, and he can’t believe it!

The moment he realized his grandson was standing in front of him, his face was overcome with emotion. They go in for a hug, and the tears start to flow…

“I felt happy that we were able to surprise grandpa,” Erica said in a caption to the video.

This is what life’s all about… That one little surprise. That one big hug. The little things that let you know you’re loved and cared for when the going gets rough and some hardships are encountered along the way. And the older we get, the more we realize it. <3

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