After 2 Years Apart, Military Grandson Makes Unannounced Visit To Grandma

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Family is everything. We’d do anything for them, and they help keep us going through the toughest of times! So anytime you’re away from a family member for an extended period of time, it’s a very depressing thing. But that just makes seeing them again all that much more special!

In the video below, we have a family whose boy has been away on military service in Japan. It’s been two long years, and everyone misses him so much. So when he said he was coming home, they decided to make it a surprise homecoming for Grandma!

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They told Grandma that there was a big turtle outside the house that she needed to see. But the thing is, she didn’t grab her glasses on the way out! “She didn’t see it,” you can hear the person behind the camera say. But 74-year-old Mena was in for an even bigger surprise than a large turtle…

Marine Nathan Lebrum was hiding right there in plain sight, but Grandma Mena didn’t notice him right away since she was looking for a turtle. He finally approaches to make it easier on her, and when she realizes it’s him, she’s beyond thrilled!

I just love to see stuff like this! It shows how much family means to each other, and proves that it’s the most important thing we’ve got. My heart is now full for the rest of the day! 🙂

See the surprise reunion in the video below!

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