Grandpa Makes A Trip Across The Country To Sneak Up On His Sister

There’s nothing like family, and the older you get, the more you realize that. As young kids, you may argue or even get into fights with your siblings, but you outgrow that stuff and learn to appreciate each other despite any differences. And in our older years, we are more blessed the more family we still have around!

Just take a look at the brother and sister in the video below. The senior citizen siblings have a great bond after all these years, but they live states apart. Mary Pine, 95, is in an assisted living facility in Pennsylvania, and Bob Taylor, 84, lives in Atlanta, Georgia. And after not seeing each other for five years, Grandpa decided to drop in for a surprise visit!

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Grandpa enlisted the help of his granddaughters to make the trip happen. He met up with Morgan, 27, and Kenzie, 24, in Atlanta where they where they opted to drive. And 13 hours later, they’d arrived!

On the day of, Mary was called into a room at her care facility completely unaware of who was waiting for her. You see, years ago Mary was the one who traveled to Bob to surprise him, and now Gramps was returning the favor…

The family recorded as Mary walked into the birthday surprise and made eye contact with her loving brother. And their reactions are a must see! Take in the incredible moment in the video below!

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