Grandpa Gets To See His One-Year-Old Grandson For The First Time

It’s tough being away from the family for any extended period of time. Now imagine having yet to meet a grandchild because of distance and circumstance. I’m sure that was the reality for many people during the pandemic, just like it was for the grandfather in the video below. One year in, and he’d never gotten to hold his precious little one…

So his daughter, stay-at-home-mom Jenn, made plans to travel from her home in Nevada to secretly arrive to Frank’s house in Maryland. She worked with siblings Lindsay, Kelsy, and Frank Jr. to make the surprise visit happen, and it couldn’t have gone better! 🙂

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It was just another day for Frank who was out in the family garage doing his normal thing. The 59-year-old grandpa had no idea his daughter and grandson had just traveled across the country for a visit. But then he caught them out of the corner of his eye…

Walking toward him was Jenn and one-year-old Ryder, and he couldn’t believe it! A reunion four months in the making, and it was worth every second. “I felt so happy it was unreal — it felt great to have the family together again,” Grandpa said. 🙂

See the incredibly sweet moment in the video below!

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