Grandma’s Little Helper Moves The Rug So She Can Get By In Her Wheelchair

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Ana Clara Simoes lives in Brazil with the whole family where they all do their part to help take care of their elder. But Grandma is extra lucky in that she has more than just people around the house to chip in and assist her; Her little puppy named Lili is very selfless and watches her every move just waiting to lend a paw where necessary! 😀

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Grandma uses a wheelchair, and we all know how cumbersome they can be when trying to maneuver around the house from room to room. But she rarely has trouble, and that’s thanks to her furry little companion and “man’s best friend.” In the video at the bottom of the page, you’ll see Grandma arriving home and how the family gathers to help out. And that’s when the dog comes up all on her own and gets busy moving the carpet rugs out of the way so that the wheelchair doesn’t get all caught up on them!

Ana Clara Simoes

Everyone thought maybe this was just a coincidence the first time it happened, but Lili had never moved the rugs like this before. The sweet pup did it right on the spot, totally unprovoked. She thought to do this helpful gesture all on her own! 🙂

Watch the video below:

So far, Lili hasn’t yet figured out how to put the rugs back in their original spots after the fact. But that’s okay! And Grandma’s other dog, Lara, has also recently joined in to help with the moving of the rugs too! How lucky is this woman? So many helping hands, and we all know that sometimes it takes the whole family to lift each other up. When we are surrounded by love, what else could we possibly need? These little gestures go a long way and just mean the world to us. <3

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