Grandson Opens A Letter His Grandma Wrote 26 Years Ago

One of the best ways to stay close to your grandchildren is by writing to them. It could be through modern ways like texting and email or the old fashioned way: snail mail!

I know one grandma who writes a letter to her newborn granddaughter every week, and the parents are saving them to read to them later. I think it’s such a beautiful idea and creates a memory forever.

In the story below, one grandma named Betty wrote her grandson, Trevor, a letter with a stipulation: he couldn’t open it for 26 years.

The reason was because she wrote it on July 11, 1991 when there was a solar eclipse – and it would be 26 years before the next one occurred.

Trevor said, “My nana wrote me a letter in 1991 that I couldn’t open until 2017. The date finally came and I’ve never felt something so genuine and precious.”

First of all, I love that he still calls her nana! Second, he’s right… it’s a precious letter:

How lovely! Here’s a transcript of the letter:

July 11, 1991 12:30

Dear Trevor,

I hope I’m around when you open this!!!! Because I will/or would have been 79 years old!

Today we had a total eclipse and the next one is in the year 2017 – so I thought this was such a special day in the first year of your life thatI would make a note of it to you since you are too little to understand any of it.

I’m not sure when this will happen, but I thought the news said in August – could have already happened.

I wonder what you will be doing at the age of 26!??

I do know that you are the cutest baby ever and we love you lots and love having you over to stay with us – you are so much fun!

I must get back to work now – I’m giving this to your Mother this weekend to put away till 2017 when you are to open this.

Love you.

Grandma Betty

While this was 5 years ago, Betty is still alive according to Trevor’s update!

Do you ever write letters to your grandchildren?

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