Grandma Gets A Special Pillow For Her Birthday To Remind Her Of Her Past

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There’s nothing harder than losing a loved one. Especially the one who was your partner for life. But it’s part of the circle of life, and the memories of these special people will live on with us. And there are some other ways to remember them and keep their legacies alive, and the grandmother in the video below was surprised with one…

Estella lost her lifelong husband of 70 years back in December, and she just hasn’t been the same. Every night since, she has gone to bed with a picture of the World War II veteran Charles. So her family came up with a great gift idea for her upcoming 88th birthday celebration!

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Ashley wanted to surprise her grandma with an emotional present, so she took the photo of Charles that Estella cherished so much and had it printed on a pillow that she could cuddle and hold anytime she wanted…

As the family gathered for Grandma’s birthday, Ashley handed her the bag with the pillow gift. As she pulled it out and realized what exactly it was, she started to become emotionally overwhelmed and welled up with tears. She loves it! Estella now sleeps with this pillow every night instead of the photo, and that’s such a lovely thing. <3

See the heartfelt moment in the video below:

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